News 2019

New Synth Record coming soon……..

Prophet Col. Vol 6 featuring Yussi’ new single Zen Prophesy.

Live recorded and Video taping of 3 new Janne Saar songs.

Played studio guitars on the upcoming Janne Saar single.

Yussi attended NAMM Show 2019

Yussi’s new Album is being mixed for a spring release.

News 2018   

The new Record by Film Composer Miriam Cutler just got released and reviewed. Yussi played on most of the tracks. Nylon and Steel string Guitars, Oud, Mandolins, Mandola,  Baritone and Concert Ukuleles.

Yussi is now endorsing Ortega Guitars

Yussi is now endorsing Cling On magnetic Pickups.

NEWS 2017

Yussi will be performing with Persian Pop Star Sami Beigi on local Tour starting at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood Nov 22.

Coming this X Mas: " The Best Of " Album.

Yussi's music video for Blood & Wine

July release date for the new solo album Exotic Wizard

The new Single, Besjana Lounge has been released

New Endorsement with Cling On Tuner

Played Guitar and Quatro on this track featuring Simon Philips on Drums and Jimmy Johnson on Bass:

TV Performance for Farhad Besharati

Video Shoot for Farhad Besharati

Studio Session for Kanoun player Farhad Besharati

Yussi will be at NAMM Show in Anaheim

New Single coming this February

    News 2016

Played Jerry Bruckheimer's X-Mas Party again

New Acoustic Album : Exotic Wizard soon to be released

Filmed Commercial for San Antonio Wineries

Recorded Guitars for Kanoon Player Farhad Besharati

Video Shoot for Persian singers Assef's new single

Tracked Ukelele, Mandolin and Jazz Guitar for award winning film composer Miriam Cutler for upcoming Documentary

Played with Emmy winning band Benise at Casa Pacifica 

Recorded for Assyrian singer Linda George's new release

Performed with Iranian Star Googoosh at Microsoft Theater

Soon to be released acoustic album: Blood & Wine

Upcoming gigs in Dallas, NY, Toronto and Edmonton, Canada

Bandidos Trio @ Stonhaus for Cinco de Mayo event

Bandidos de Amor play in Beverly Hills

Ghost XX, the new single released in February

Yussi attended the 2016 NAMM Show, Anaheim



Played guitar on Mil Santos' Single:  "Oye". Produced by Black Eyed Peas guitarist George Pajon Jr.

Played with Hot Club of Los Angeles at Cinema Bar in LA

Atomik Inferno has been released on Halloween

Fall Semester begins at MI, Hollywood

November gigs in New York City

New GHS Artist page is up

Composing Swedish Folk music for TV show

5 Night run at El Portal with Alex Magno's                             "Body, Mind & Soul" Show.

Strings of Passion - Benise  airs Nationwide on PBS

Composed more new music for Reality Shows

The new acoustic Album is in the finishing stage

Atomik Inferno. New Elektro Album coming soon !

Upcoming shows in Boston and Canada

Acoustic Connection Live at Villa on Fridays

Polka Night at Ludwig Biergarten

Acoustic Connection: Tuesdays at Karma Bistro

Guadalajara, MX Concert. Django Festival Feb 20

Valentines Day Concert in New York, NY

Transcribing music for George Pajon from the Black Eyed Peas

Yussi will be at NAMM Show in Anaheim

Mixing and editing the upcoming Electro - Metal album



  • Currently composing Irish  music for Reality Show

  • Studio work for Persian Singer Assef

  • Wrote Curriculum content for Musicians Institute

  • Played sold out shows with Persian Singer Siavash.

  • Studio work for Persian Singer Sepideh. Steel string and Nylon string guitars.

  • Auditioned for Fury, starring Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf.

  • Played Mandolin, Octave Mandolin and Guitar on a film Score about Italian Village.

  • Sold out July and August shows with Persian singing Star Siavash.

  • Performed in Detroit, Michigan.

  • Bandidos De Amor performance for Wells Fargo.

  • Played a Concert in Guadalajara, Mexico.

  • Featured on camera playing electric guitar for Epicor commercial.

  • Composed and produced music for a variety of reality shows.

  • Performed for Samick at Namm show Anaheim, California.



  • Shot a National Commercial for United Healthcare.

  • Composed for Africa Channel.

  • Placement of 60 tracks for the Food Network.

  • Composed Xmas music for various reality shows.

  • Performed with Assyrian singing Legend Ashur Bet Sargis.



  • Yussi's song Fantasias en Color with lyrics by Josh Cruze licensed to upcoming Paul Rodriguez film.

  • Shot an episode of " My Ghost Story " for the BIO Channel.

  • Touring Turkey, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada with middle eastern singer Assef.

  • Played the Nokia Amphitheater in LA with Persian star Ebi.

  • Performed with PBS Show The Spanish Guitar - Benise at Fox Theater Riverside and Chumash Casino.



  • Yussi spent a few days recording Guitar for Film Composer Christopher Young (Rum Diaries, Priest, Drag me to Hell, Spider-Man).

  • KTLA Show Nikita features Yussi on Balalaika and Guitar.

  • The Best of Yussi Album is available on along with Yussi Ringtones.

  • Tattoo Lounge Electronica/Chill album will be available next year.

  • This fall, Yussi will be featured again on US Tour with the Emmy winning PBS Show Benise: The Spanish Guitar.

  • Desert of Forbidden Art: Played Balalaika, Oud, Saz, Mandolin, Mandolaika and Guitar on this film that won a few awards and is available on DVD.

  • Y-8 Model 8-String Flamenco Guitar, designed by Carlos Topete, built by Ernesto Caro. Pictures coming soon.



  • Yussi returned from US tour with Emmy winning Artist Benise and the PBS Show "The Spanish Guitar".

  • Film Producer Jerry Bruckheimer invited Yussi to perform a Country & Western gig at his home.

  • Taped two pilot episodes for the "Luisa Show", hosted by Miss Venezuela Luisa Diaz. Featured guests include Guns N' Roses Drummer Steven Adler.

  • Yussi played Concert with Persian Pop Star Assef in Las Vegas on Xmas.

  • Played Sitar and Guitar for Bollywood Producer Bappi Lahiri's Album release party.

  • New Film: "Desert of Forbidden Art", featuring Mandolin, Balalaika, Guitars by Yussi. Also featuring narration by Sir Ben Kingsley, Sally Field, Edward Asner. Premiered at Santa Barbara Film Festival.

  • HBO Film "The Fence" at Sundance and will be on HBO in 2010.

  • Guitar Tracks for Percussionist Kalani's upcoming Album.

  • Underscore Tracks for TV and Cable: (Children, Comedy, Country, Bluegrass, Rock, Latin)

  • Played Guitar on Assyrian Singer Walter Aziz's upcoming release.

  • Yussi new solo album "Velvet Rebel" released on X DOT 25 Music label. Available Worldwide and on Internet (Check Amazon, iTunes).

  • Velvet Rebel , El Pirata, Bandidos de Amor are available at: Best Buy, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, eBay,, CD Universe, Barnes and Nobles, Emusic,,,, etc.

  • Yussi returned from three weeks in Lebanon with the "Nights of Fire" Troup.



  • A new Filmscore for "The Fence" featuring Yussi on Requinto, 6 and 7-String Guitars is in Post Production.

  • Yussi played Guitar, Quatro, Bouzouki for Ricky Martin's forthcoming record.

  • Yussi's Signature Guitars, the "Y-7" are now available. Handmade Classical Custom 7-String Models.

  • "Tradition for the Millennium". Check them out at



  • Yussi is currently composing and producing music for National Geographic, Food Network and Style Channel.

  • Yussi performed and recorded with Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas and Andy Vargas from Santana.

  • An upcoming Documentary about Russia features a score with Balalaika, Mandola, Mandolin and Mandolaika played by Yussi.

  • "Help Wanted", a Short Film feat. music composed by Yussi took home Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Narrative.

  • Awards at Elevate Film Festival.

  • Stellina Blue has been screened at Sedona International Film Festival and World Fest Houston.

  • To see the trailer go to

  • Yussi also played Bouzouki and Guitar for Iranian singing Star Leila Foroohar's upcoming release.



  • Yussi recorded Mandolin, Bouzouki and Guitar for an upcoming Rick Springfield Project.

  • "Stellina Blue" a feature Drama with a 2008 release date is Yussi's first film as a Composer.

  • The film "Bloodline" continues where the Da Vinci Code left off. The Score features Yussi playing Saz and Guitar. Premieres in May in L.A.

  • The feature film "Chris & Don, a Love Story" about the writer of "Cabaret" features Jazz and Classical Guitar played by Yussi.

  • The Short Film "11 Minutes Ago" features Yussi's "Sambenco" premiered in Hollywood.

  • Yussi had featured music on the TV Shows Extra, I Propose.

  • Tracks from the Solo Album "El Pirata" are being played on XM Radio and on Airlines.

  • Stop by the new Yussi & Django Myspace page:.

  • Please go there for new Music, Updates, Pictures and Performance Calendar.

  • The New Guest book is

  • Bouzouki, Mandolin, Guitars are played by Yussi on the upcoming release Iranian Artists Shoreh, Ebi, Mehrdad, Essi and Shad.

  • Yussi performs at the Kodak Theater, Greek Theater, Avalon and Paris Hotel, Las Vegas.

  • Yussi appears in the fourth Music Video with Iranian Singer Davood Beboudi.



  • Yussi composes and produces again for The Bachelor on ABC. This time The Bachelor-Rome.

  • Yussi is now on Myspace.

  • Please go there for new Music, Updates, Pictures and Performance Calendar.

  • Bandidos de Amor shared the stage with Bono from U2 in Carmel.

  • Yussi is working on 2 Films right now ­ one is about Kosovo and will have some Albanian, Roma and Serbian tinged music, the other is about the Crypto Jews of South America.TBA.

  • The last film he played on "Absolute Wilson" premiered in Berlin and will be here for the LA FILM FESTIVAL. More later.

  • Yussi just returned from Canada performing with Middle-Eastern Star Assef.

  • Baila Habibi 4 released. Yussi's "TIKIFARI" Line of Instruments, Furniture, Cigar Accessories and Appliances from Bali Exotic will premiere at Honolulu's Trade Show in May.

  • Yussi will be seen playing Indian Sitar in the Season Finale of CRUMBS on ABC, starring Fred Savage and Jane Curtain.

  • Yussi composes and produces music for "THE BACHELOR - PARIS"on ABC.

  • Yussi now Teaching at Musician's Institute's G.I.T in Hollywood.

  • Solo Album "El Pirata" in rotation on SIRIUS Satellite.

  • Yussi composes music for various WB and FOX shows such as Tyra Banks Show, People's Court, and Elimidate.

  • Yussi & Bandidos played a private Concert for Hilary Clinton.

  • Yussi's "Sambenco" licensed to the Film "11 Minutes Ago". TBA

  • Played Guitar and Mandolin on the PBS production of "The New Los Angeles" to air in 2006.

  • Russian Propaganda Film "Hands of Cuba" featuring "Havana Bay" composed by Claudio Collino and Yussi.

  • Played Guitar on Iranian Singer SORAYA's release New Melody.

  • Put down guitars for Armenian Baritone ADISS.

  • Laid down Guitar tracks for Baila Habibi Vol.4.

  • Laid down Guitar and Oud tracks for a Documentary to go to Sundance in Jan.TBA

  • Music Videos with Persian Music Stars Faramarz Assef, Leila Foroohar, Davood Beboudi, Zatar.

  • Yussi's instructional Spanish Guitar Videos to be released soon through and Guitar Center.

  • Benise: Nights of Fire on PBS through April.

  • Yussi will perform with Benise will perform at the Greek Theater and the Grove of Anaheim in April.

  • Yussi performs with the Gipsy Band ELAN VITAL.

  • Yussi composes and records music of all styles for various Sound Libraries.


Coming Soon

  • Yussi's Instrument Inventory.

  • Yussi's Guitar Lounge.



  • Bandidos de Amor attended and played the Collateral premiere at the Orpheum Theater Downtown L.A.

  • Baseball Star Sammy Sosa starring in the new Pepsi commercial, featuring Yussi on Guitar.

  • Yussi's song Tango in Marrakech has been placed on the chill CD Cleopatra Cafe II.

  • Yussi, along with members of Bandidos and Calexico, shot scenes for the upcoming Tom Cruise movie "Collateral" starring Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Javier Bardem.

  • Yussi now endorses the Greg Bennett designed Samick Guitars and string instruments.

  • Benise recorded their live double album in January at a sold out Thousand Oaks Performing Arts Center and will tour Puerto Rico and the Bay Area.



  • Selma Hayek stars in the new Coca -Cola T.V. Commercial featuring Yussi on electric guitar.

  • Yussi finished work on two new Documentaries, narrated by Meryl Streep and Jessica Lange, playing Guitars, Mandolins and Irish Bouzouki.

  • Divining the Human, a Documentary about Cathedral Tapestries narrated by Edward James Olmos; featuring Yussi on Classical Guitar. Premieres Dec. 4 Downtown L.A.

  • Circus Flora released their first CD featuring Nick Ariondo on Accordion and Yussi on Flamenco guitar and Mandolin.

  • Yussi's Composition "Sambenco" got placed on NBC's Miss Universe 2003.

  • Yussi's guitar lessons are online now. Take a lesson with Yussi at guitar center Click on

  • Yussi placed original composition "Bailo con el Ritmo" in the new Sandra Bullock / Hugh Grant Movie "Two Weeks Notice".

  • On Dec.31 Yussi will perform in Germany.

  • Two songs of Yussi's unreleased new album are featured on a new compilation.(See Discography).

  • Bandidos de Amor appeared for the second time on the Mexican channel KJLA (LATV).



  • Yussi contributed electric guitar tracks to the new TV show.

  • "Meet the Marks" on Fox 11.

  • "Peace of Heart" a movie by Swiss director Roman Wyden featuring Yussi's music and a cameo appearance premieres in Hollywood.

  • In August Yussi has been invited to play at Magic Johnson's house. He will bring his guitar outlaws "Los Piratas".

  • Yussi just contributed guitar and mandolin tracks for a documentary produced by HBO. Bandidos de Amor shot their new music video in Hollywood.

  • In July Yussi will play in England, Spain and the Middle-East."Lost in La Mancha" a documentary about director Terry Gilliam featuring Yussi on electric and flamenco guitars premiered at the Berlin Film Festival.

  • Yussi's new 7 - string Flamenco guitar designed by Boaz Elkayam and Yussi has arrived.



  • The Bandidos opened for smooth jazz sax man Kirk Whalum.

  • New photos of Yussi are up in the Misc section of the photos page.

  • Eden's Crush album "Popstars" went gold.

  • Yussi recently performed with legendary band El Chicano.

  • Yussi recently performed at the Saturn Awards, the 27th Sci-fi Award show hosted by Lucy Lawless, Sam Raimi, stars from X -Files and others.


In Production

  • Yussi is currently working on two new instrumental guitar records, due out Fall of 2001.

  • Production on a new Yussi and Django record will start next year.


Upcoming Release

  • "Double Take", the new Disney movie (Jan. 2001), features a score with Yussi on flamenco guitar.

  • Bandidos De Amor, Yussi's rumba band, has completed a second cd, Asi Es La Vida.


Recent Accomplishments/Upcoming Events

  • The band "Eden's Crush" from the WB show POPSTARS releases their first album, featuring Yussi on guitar.

  • Yussi will be performing at the Mirage in Las Vegas on April 28 with Michael Mc Donald, Coolio and others.

  • Yussi performed at the House of Blues on Feb 19 with Darius Rucker (Hootie & the Blowfish) and Stewart Copeland as part of a Benefit for Percussionist/Singer Vinx. Additional performance included Jackson Browne, Michelle Shocked and Brenda Russell.

  • Yussi returned from a tour in Texas with Mexican Musical Stars Nydia Rojas, Juan Gabriel, and Ana Gabriel.

  • Yussi played solo guitar for the Miguel Androver fashion show held in Beverly Hills.

  • Yussi is now the Music Editor of Latin Style Magazine. Check Newsstands for Sept/Oct. Issue.

  • Yussi appears in the PLAYBOY production of LUSTIN LATIN LADIES.

  • Yussi's New Band, LAS PISTOLAS DE AMOR premieres at the Bar/Restaurant, PASION, in Studio City, CA on 8/26/00 (Stay tuned!!!).

  • Yussi played guitar in the recent musical, Viva La Vida at the Lilian Theater in Hollywood, CA.

  • Bandidos de Amor worked on the Dreamworks film, The Mexican, starring Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt.

  • Love and Basketball, a film by Spike Lee, featuring Yussi on flamenco guitar is out on video and DVD.

  • Bandidos De Amor have opened for Alabina at the Greek Theatre.

  • Yussi played on the soundtrack and wrote some cues for the Troma release, Rowdy Girls.

  • Bandidos De Amor performed at the premieres of Mission Impossible II and Noriega.

  • Yussi has just contributed his guitar parts for the upcoming Enrique Iglesias album.

  • Bandidos De Amor have placed a song in the Brazilian movie "OLE".

  • Yussi and the Bandidos De Amor have recorded three of their original compositions for Stevie B. on his forthcoming release. They have also recently performed with smooth jazz saxophonist Dave Koz.

  • Yussi played Spanish and Electric Guitar on the score of the upcoming Indie film "Attention Shoppers". starring Casey Affleck, Luke Perry, Michael Lerner and Nestor Carbonell. He also got an original song from the Yussi and Django CD places in the movie.

  • Yussi designed and developed three acoustic guitars with his friend and Luthier Boaz Elkayam.

Guadalajara Jazz Festival

Guadalajara Jazz Festival

Recording for Persian singing star Sepideh

Tracking for Cadillac

Tracking for Cadillac

Shooting a Commercial at House of Blues

Shooting a Commercial at House of Blues

Session for a Film score TBA

Session for a Film score TBA

My Book

My Book